Sunday, July 19, 2009

Note to self: Increase blogging frequency

Oops! I really didn't mean to let it get so long between posts.....

I actually did some crafty-type stuff on the weekend, however most of it was helping my friend with her first purse (*polishes halo*). I did manage to get the pieces cut out for my new bag, but only got as far as attaching the interfacing and wadding. It is my mission to make it resemble a bag by the end of tonight. It's my first attempt at a bag with a curved gusset, so I'm a little bit nervous about things aligning properly, but I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get stuck into it.

I also made it to the Camberwell Rotary market on the weekend.... I didn't find much, but did notice that there was a very small percentage of people who sold handmade stuff....opportunity I think!

I'm also keen to get to the Rose St artist market soon. My friend Ayan always seems to find the coolest jewellery for peoples' birthdays there, including an awesome pair of jigsaw puzzle earrings that I'm currently wearing.

If anyone knows of any other cool markets that are worth checking out, be sure to let me know.

In other news, I've been checking out other crafty bloggers blogs. Sandra from Pepperberry & Co has a highly attractive blog with an interesting story to boot. I heard about her through Nikki Mallalieu of You SEW girl fame. Apparently she got really enthusiastic about sewing, did a class with Nikki, quit her job and started up her own company....or so the legend goes. I happen to think that's rather brave, and so I use that sometimes as a bit of inspiration. It's also reminded me that I have to do some design work on my blog because it's looking a bit visually boring at the moment. My banner is soon to come.

Anyway, I thought I might finish with a few random facts about myself which I have copied and pasted from my Facebook profile:

1. When I was a child I had an irrational fear of volcanoes and quicksand.

2. Until I was 15 I had never been to the beach in any season other than winter.

3. Until I was 21 I had never been in an aeroplane. The second plane I went in, I jumped out of (skydived), and my third flight was a trip to Perth (my first commercial flight) which cost me $90 return (thanks Virgin!).

4. I hate misplaced apostrophes, and secretly cringe when people use 'there', 'they're' or 'their' in the wrong place. I also hate text language and fully spell out text messages.

5. I learnt to drive a tractor before I learnt to drive a car.

6. When I was 5 years old I was obsessed with the colour red. I had a red school bag, money box, lunch box, swimmers (I even bought the exact same pair when I grew out of the first ones), pencil case, barbie doll clothes, toothbrush, dress....etc etc

7. I have never broken any bones or had any cavities in my teeth. I credit growing up near a dairy with this.

8. I work in a stem cell research lab, but dream of designing handbags and fabric.

9. I did piano lessons for 5 years but never learnt to read music properly.

10. My Grandmother sent me to ellocution lessons for 6 years, although you would never know it.

11. This week I am trying to learn Spanish while I'm at work in the lab. So far I know how to say "it is not acceptable for me" and "where do you want to eat tonight?".

12. I can say the alphabet backwards without having to think about which letter comes next. This resulted from me proudly announcing to my Dad that I could say the alphabet and Dad being the smart ass that he is, said "I bet you can't say it backwards", So I practiced until I could do it. I bet he wasn't expecting that - ha!

13. My first crush lasted from kindergarten to grade 6.

14. I'm fussy about which magnets get to go on the fridge.

15. I have a rather long tongue and can touch past my nostrils and can also touch my chin with it.

16. When I got my first tape recorder a couple of friends and I decided to start a rock band called the "Wildcats". We only knew the words to Christmas carols so that was what we sang.

17. I have chewed my fingernails ever since I can remember. Occasionally I will make an effort to grow them once or twice a year and make everyone admire how long they've gotten.

18. My eyes have stayed the same colour since I was born (dark blue).

19. I have a freckle above my lip that my Mum told me was a 'beauty spot' when I was in first grade. Nick Kousoulos used to tease me and call it a pimple, but I was too embarrassed to call it a beauty spot because I worried he would think I was full of myself.

20. I laugh at inappropriate things. If hell exists, I'm going there.

21. I am really shy and most people mis-interpret it as being snobby.

22. I hate peas.

23. I can still remember 2 dreams I had when I was about 3 years old in vivid detail. I also have a recurring dream about maths exams which I have once every couple of weeks.

24. I have an almost photographic memory but am shocking at remembering people's names.

25. I always have an escape plan. I imagine hypothetical situations and figure out how I would escape from them. Usually it involves an intruder breaking into my house and whether or not I would run or belt them with my hockey stick. I also have escape plans for for deadly pandemics, alien invasions, and armaggeddon style asteroids.

Well, I'm off to start sewing in the gusset on the bag *fingers crossed!* Also if you read this blog, be sure to say hi, otherwise I'm going to be feeling like I'm talking to myself for a long time.


  1. Great random facts! I can say the alphabet backwards, too - and so can my Dad!

    Oh - just to fill you in on the Pepperbery story - Sandra did a class with me AND a bunch of other classes at the Stitches and Craft Show. She blitzed the class schedule there and was completely enthused and inspired. She's an amazing gal.

  2. How funny! You're the only other person I've met that can say the alphabet backwards.

    Re Sandra - wow, she must have been pretty keen. As much as I would love to quit my job, I would be way too scared to jump in headfirst like that. Good on her!


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