Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some goodies from my Etsy travels

I've been spending a bit of time* on Etsy since opening my shop (*checking my shop about a million times a day), and apart from developing some obsessive behaviour, I've come across some people making some really cool stuff.

Being that I've now got a glass of bubbly in my hand (ok, it's on the coffee table - I'm not really that good at typing with one hand), and feeling a bit jolly, I thought I'd share some of the things I've found.

Beautiful coaster set and notebook from Cabin + Cub. There are so many things in their shop that I want!

These mugs remind me of physiology pracs at uni, and the milk jug is so cute! I also love the skull mugs below - again with the physiology and they're also just so cool! These are all made by Urban Soule who has the most awesome ceramics (among other things), and now a follower of my blog - Hi! *waves*

Finally, there are the earrings I bought yesterday from Flaunt jewelry:

I just couldn't resist...


  1. Aww... thanks for including some of little crafty things! Will mention it in an upcoming blog post. ;)

  2. Hi! (waving back!)
    Thanks so much for including my ceramics!


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