Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I need your opinion - giveaway!

I've recently been working on a new design for the iPad which is soon to be released in Australia. Basically it's just a simple pocket, made from hessian, with an original design screenprinted onto the front.

I've currently got 2 variations on the design. As per the green one, there's a band of colour at the top of the sleeve (it doesn't have to be the same colour as the design on the front, but that's just what I ended up with this time). With this design, the iPad sits down in the sleeve a bit further, and the edge is somewhat protected by the coloured strip around the top.

With the other variation (like the yellow one on the left), There is no strip of colour at the top, and the edge of the iPad sits flush with the opening.

The red one is essentially the same as the yellow one, but just in a different colour.

So, what I'd like is your opinion:

1. Which variation do you like better?
2. Do you think I should have both variations in my shop, or just stick to uniformity?

3. Are there any particular colours you'd like to see on them?

4. What do you think would be a fair price for these sleeves?

5. Are there any other comments you'd like to add?

Comment below for your chance to win one of these cute little zip purses! The winner will be determined by a random number generator on Wednesday May 19th, so get your entry in before then!

** don't forget to leave some form of contact details so I can get in touch with you if you win!

19/5/2010: Entries have now been closed and the winner drawn. Congratulations to Technobimbo! The winner was determined by random number generator at random.org. Thanks to everyone for participating.


  1. 1. The Green
    2. Both
    3. Pink & Orange
    4. $45
    5. I love the design. They are gorgeous

  2. Hi Ambette! I love the designs! I think the top one would be ideal with the added length for protection. I think one style would be good but with colour variations. I like the one colour on the outside and contrast lining :)

    I think $25-30 to be competitive would be a good price range. But again it depends on the cost to make them and your labour.

    If you wanted to develop the design, how about also adding a little clip of some sort over the top of the pouch so the Ipad won't fall out? I saw this one...


    Hope this helps!

  3. Great items, although I don't have an Ipad, I love all the colour combinations although I like the non banded one best. I think you should have them all available. I like the red the most, maybe a pink swirly girly item would be nice as the others are very neutral. I would think anywhere from $30 and up would be acceptable, I don't know what the competition is like so this is just a guess.

  4. ooh, these are lovely! The red is my favourite, without a band, but I do prefer the idea of extra protection with more length. I'd love the hessian with a white or black print on it, and would pay around the $40 mark (but not sure how this compares to time involved and competitors pricing!)

  5. Hmmm, I like the extra protection, but without the band of colour on the top. I'd stick to one design, simplicity is king. My fave is the red one, but would like to see blue and purple too. What about dyed hessian? (I have no idea how this would happen or what's involved so it may not be a viable idea...). I'd pay $30-40 for this :)

  6. 1. the yellow one
    2. both
    3. pink
    4. $30 to $35
    5. not to sure on the price you will have to check them out. I love these!

  7. I love the middle yellow one. It's beautiful in it's simplicity. Pink and turquoise would be fun colors to add. $30-$35 each.


  8. I prefer the red sleeve - the design without the extra strip of colour. But, having said that, both variations are really cute.
    I think you should offer variations as different people will go for different looks.
    I think turquoise, purple, blue,fuchsia and black would all be great colours to add to your range.
    I'm not very clued in on prices for such items, but your price seems very reasonable!

    :) Deb
    twocheekymonkeys AT live DOT com

  9. Love the new designs!
    1. Like the design without the band best, love the red and blue.
    2. If it isn't gonna cost you too much I'd have both variations running, unless you get a unanimous concensus on here that x or y is better.
    3. I would love to see a red and green - just cos it would well with my living room!
    4. Think the pricing is pretty reasonable, it's something way more fun and unique than the basic pouches Apple sell and they cost a fortune!!
    5. Love them, will definitely be ordering one come payday!

  10. Hey, Ambette

    I'm digging the new designs! They have a great retro-modern feel with the mix of the material used and the seamless design/screenprinting. I'm definitely drawn more to the band-less version, which plays more on the modern feel, but don't see an issue with offering both styles for people who might be looking for that extra .5 inch of security in their minds.

    The softer yellow color is great (I like softer colors - like some of your other Hessian products - but don't dislike the brighter colors), and I could definitely see paying $40-50 to keep a $500-$700 piece of tech stylishly protected.

    If you're comfortable with the technique, more screen-printed patterns could be a cool addition down the road, but I like what you're doing with these and will definitely be getting one once I've grabbed an iPad.

    Keep up the great work - I'll be keeping my eye open for an iPhone sleeve in your shop too ;) .

  11. Oooo these look great!
    I also love the red without the band but do like the idea of a little extra length for protection.
    Hmmmm price, I have no idea how long it takes of your valuable time to create these beauties but I'm thinking around $35-$45 would be a nice bracket :)
    I'd love to see one in black, my hubby would love that, he's so keen to puchase an ipad!


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