Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yay! New products!

I have one brand spankin' new iPhone case in the shop! I'm quite excited at the prospect of putting some new things in the shop. I've got 4 colours of felt and about 10 different coloured snaps, so it looks like I've got a lot of different options for colour combos. I may be asking for some opinions in the not too distant future.... Anyway, here is the first of them:


  1. Ooh lovely! I love those snaps, so good!

  2. They are particularly good shots. On a new camera?

    The magenta/bright pink is a cool colour...

  3. Thanks, yes these shots were done on Ryan's new dSLR. Makes a difference huh!

    I made up a bunch more of these iPhone cases tonight, so I've got a few more colour combos up my sleeve now.


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