Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogaversairy giveaway take 2 - K.I.S.S

Keep it simple, stupid.

I fear I may have made the process of entering the blogaversairy giveaway a little too involved. The fact that there was a grand total of zero entries suggests one of two things:

1. The entry process was too complicated
2. Nobody wants one of my iPhone cases, not even if it's for free.

I'm sincerely hoping it's the former of the two - otherwise I'm going to be stuck with a bunch of iPhone cases that I can't even give away let alone sell.

So I'm going to make it a little bit easier for you to enter this time.

I've been feeling a bit lazy and unmotivated lately when it's come to the creative business. Perhaps it's the short sunlight hours and grey winter Melbourne skies, but I've found myself coming home from work and not leaving the couch.

To enter the giveaway this time, simply leave a comment that gives me some motivation or encouragement.

So, what will you win?

Your choice of one of these new iPhone cases. They're made from lovely rich German felt, and closed by a pair of sturdy snaps.

Don't have an iPhone?

Everyone knows somebody who has one! They'd make a lovely gift for your tech-savvy friend or relative. Alternatively they'll fit an iPod touch, or they can be used as a little pouch for whatever will fit in...

Leave your entry in the comments section. Don't forget to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win!

The winner will be announced on Friday July 16th


  1. I Totally would Love to win one like these. I still have nothing to carry around my Iphone. (i'm in love with the green, but hey, any, any color will do, seriously!) I keep my fingers crossed and will look around on your blog (I'm here via Inaluxe blog award)

    Here is my email:

  2. Don't give up. Inspiration will strike again! Your iphone cases are very cool!

  3. I feel inspired by taking a slow dawdling walk on the beach! Love looking at shells and bits of debris washed up and listening to the winter waves crashing. Ooh and the smell too. So beautiful and refreshing (and then come home and have a nice hot cup of milo!).
    Just discovered your goodies yesterday and love them! Also covetting Iphones!

  4. Ohhh these are so cool, am very glad I accidently discovered them. Don't give up at all, your iphone holders are lovely, such fabulous vibrant colours.

  5. HELP! You must find motivation to keep making these - they are gorgeous! My mum currently uses her iPhone case to entertain my 8-month old. As I am totally not hip enough to have an iPhone, please make one for her so that she doesn't have to cart hers around in a soggy, faux-leather case!
    Do you do anything for glasses? She could do with an upgrade on that too...

  6. Oh Liz, I know what you mean about the dreary Melbourne weather! But there have been some nice sunny days in the mix to cheer me up a bit.

    I bask in whatever sunshine I can find and remember those nice days on the horrible and grey ones.

    If I won, I would give the case to my sister and BIL, they don't have kiddies yet so can afford an iPhone, LOL.

    twocheekymonkeys at live dot com

  7. oooh no, you can't possible give in to the doldrums my girl! Just have a browse through your shop and look at the great photos of your products - how can that fail to inspire you?!?!?!
    you make gorgeous cases in the most fabulous colours - the green one above for example - it fairly *zings* out of the photo.
    If I'm struggling for a little oomph, a nosey through my old sketch books does the trick or home/life style magazines - the colour schemes usually spark something off in my noggin ;)
    But don't force it, maybe now's the time for reflection on styles, colours etc ready for the return of your mojo...and then you'll be back on track.
    Big hugs

  8. Oh, your cases are awesome!!!!!! Defiantly don't give up! Do you do bright colours? I always lose things in my handbag - colours help :)

    Love your mac cases too...ohhhhhhhh so need to keep hands in pocket and save some money instead of buying all etsy, dusty goodness!

    "Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."
    William B. Sprague

  9. Ah, I had not seen your iphone cases before...they're fabulous!
    You know they would also fit the iPod Touch (I have one of those and I love it!)

    I love your use of felt, and these would also be great for men. It's so hard to find a nice case for a man that's not too 'girly'.
    Good job:)

  10. Use some nice bright coloured fabric to chase away those grey days-your shop is way to cute to quit. I love your crop circle fabric :)

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