Thursday, November 25, 2010


Friends of ours have recently had a baby and my man decided that because the father is a Kiwi, he'd buy the new bub a Wallabies teddy, just for a bit of a dig. My man thought it would be nice to personalise it, and thought it would be nice to have the surname and year of birth embroidered on the back of the jersey. So off he went to a place that does custom embroidery thinking he'd get the jersey nicely embroidered.

What came back was the jersey with a dirty big emboidered patch sewn onto it, covering up half the back of the jersey.

Guess how much this simple little patch with no graphics cost my man?


What an absolute scam! My man no longer wants to talk about it, because he knows he got absolutely jibbed.


  1. Oh dear. Some people don't want repeat business.

  2. That is steep! This is why I always ask the price of things before I buy. Thanks for your lovely comment too. x

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