Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stock clearance sale: 30% - 65% off!

Who doesn't love a sale!?

I have a small pile of products which have been sitting around here taking up space for one reason or another, and I've decided it's time for them to go!

The sale items are mostly made up of:

Discontinued products: Some are just colour combinations I didn't make more of, others are just old product lines I've stopped making. 

Samples: Products I made as an experiment, but decided not to put them into production - not because there's anything wrong with them, usually just because they were a bit too time-consuming to make in larger numbers. This is a good opportunity to get something completely unique!

Seconds: Items with a minor fault. I've made it clear in the listings if there are any faults with the sale item.

The sale ranges from between 30% to 65% off, and includes MacBook sleeves, iPad sleeves, Kindle cases and iPhone cases. 

Get in quick!


Go on, don't be shy!