Monday, February 22, 2010

It's in the genes

I just received a really cool email from my aunt. Apparently my interest in sewing and fabric addiction is in my genes!

She said:

".....I don't know if you realised ...but you have a fairly long family history of interest in sewing! Mum's mum [my great grandmother] was a tailoress in Melbourne!

I have often wondered what inspired me in my interest in fabric and sewing as mum didn't know how to sew...but was a fantastic repairer. I also don't know if you realised that I have a fabric addiction and have boxes and boxes!!! and I still can't stop buying fabric!"


Sometimes I'm just blown away by how much genetics counts for how you turn out. I also really love finding these things out about family - it's such a great link to your past.

It's definitely something I'm becoming more interested in the older I get. I find myself curious about my great grandparents, and great-great grandparents. What were they like? Were they anything like me?

I'm actually lucky enough to have a family history book put together by an aunt (the sister of the aunt who sent me the email), which is full of personal accounts from the time of my great-great grandparents (most of which is recounted by their youngest daughter, who recently passed away, aged in her 90s). I only got around to reading it properly a few months ago. It is a bit strange looking at the book and all the black and white photos of people who have long-since passed away, and seeing parts of your own face staring back, and reading similarities between their personalities and your own.

It's something I've often thought about doing for future generations of our family - writing a series of personal accounts and memories of all the people in my family. I think it would be lovely for my children (if I ever have any) to be able to read about their ancestors, right back to their great, great, great, great grandparents.

Anyway, back to my aunt who sent me the email. It's funny because I've often been told that I look like her more than anyone else in the family, I have the same cooking style, interest in making things, and now apparently we both have a fabric addiction! I wonder how much more like her I'll become as I get even older?


  1. My Mum hated sewing, but was crafty in lots of other ways. I've since found great connections with some of my aunts who loved to sew - and I think it's really special to have cross-generational friendships with family members.

    Great idea to write those personal accounts for future generations.

  2. Nikki - My mum also hates sewing (despite being pretty good at it). She's also pretty arty-crafty, though she doesn't think she is. Recently she started painting classes, and despite never having done it before, I think she's really good!

  3. Hi,
    Your lovely aunt sent me to look at your blog and store and I just wanted to say your creations are gorgeous. When I saw this post I had to comment as I had only be talking to her about you half an hour earlier. Anyway.... I am off to read the rest of your blog.


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