Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pretty new things

Yay! The Lumix is back from the hospital! I was very pleased to get it back until I noticed it was leaving a dark spot in the bottom right-hand corner of all the photos as you can see from this un-edited photo. I checked the lens to make sure it wasn't something that could be wiped off. Unfortunately not. Looks like I'm stuck with editing out the spot in photoshop for the time being. Damn.

So if you're not familiar with how much of a different editing photos makes, you can see the difference between the top photo and the next one (post-editing). I didn't do anything fancy (apart from getting rid of the spot, which wasn't all that fancy anyway). You don't realise how big a difference a bit of editing makes until you look back at the original and go "Er, yuk! How did I ever think that looked nice?"

Basically the thing that made the biggest difference to these photos was warming up the tone, followed by upping the exposure a tad, plus a tiny nudge up in saturation and contrast, and possibly a touch of brightening (depending on the need).

I'm beginning to feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this photo business. Still have to improve on consistency a bit, and definitely learning that the more shots you take, the better. Sometimes you think you've taken pretty much the same photo, but the difference can be subtle enough to matter.

So the next few are shots of the new laptop sleeve colour-scheme. I think I almost like this one better than the first one. It's a bit sunnier and brighter.

I think I liked how I did the photos a little better in the first one (in red and navy blue) though.

I need to get cracking this week and get some new stuff into the shop before my review on the
NurseryLove facebook fanpage. It seems like a pretty good fan page, so hopefully I might get a bit of through-traffic to my shop. I want to have plenty of things for them to look at!


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