Sunday, February 7, 2010

The reincarnation of a Coles shopping bag

While out at a leisurely breakfast on Saturday, Ryan and I were chatting about laptop sleeves and designs of a more unisex nature. It was suggested that hessian might be a bit more of a manly fabric than cute floral ones, but I didn't really know what it would be like to work with, or indeed where to get it.

Well, we had to stop in at Coles on the way home for some dinner supplies, and on the way in, I happened upon exactly what I was after!

It was the perfect size, and not only that, the Coles logo was not emblazoned on the front, but only the sides, making it perfect for my new project!

Well, the shopping bag got well and truly destroyed in the process, but was eventually reborn as.......

Ta daa!!!

All I can say is that Coles had better not discontinue these shopping bags as I have absolutely no idea where to get the hessian from otherwise!


  1. Oh wow that's fabulous! Great colours too.

  2. Oh my :) The rebirth is so so SO! Much better!

  3. Nice, I really like it!

    I'm sure I've seen hessian at Spotties, in the upholstery fabric section. Might not be as tight a weave as the Coles bags, but might be a bit safer a a supply.

  4. WOW! That is one seriously sexy Coles bag :-) And I'm with Emma- I've bought hessian from Spotlight too, so there's a safe bet :-)

  5. Hey again! I keep trying to email you back when you leave comments on my blog, but your email is anonymous. Anyway, here's what I was going to say about the Luggage Tag:

    Ooh, weird!!! :-) Our creative minds must be linked :-) In terms of the plastic bit, I think it's overrated- it's a pain to work with and it's pretty bad for the environment. Our one has a little pillow-case style end so it holds the name badge in without having to use the plastic. I'll be releasing a pattern for it in the next month if you're interested in knowing how it's done!! :-)

    If you want to email me at littlemisspepperberry AT gmail DOT com, then I'll be able to reply from now on!! Thanks gorgeous :-) xxx


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